3 times in Paris, 3 times in London.

3 times in Paris, 3 times in London.

London,the last place my sister and I are traveling to before we make our journey to Edinburgh where we will be settling for the winter. And like Paris, it was another perfect week.

PoppiesWe went to the usual spots Science Museum, National History, National Gallery, Tate Modern. Had to visit the classics. We also went to The Tower, a pillar in history, the place with all the juicy, grisly stories  of who killed who, and who died where, what was used to kill them, where did they stay before they were killed? The castle that housed Kings and Queens, and the church that still holds service where the dead lay as its foundation. All kept within giant stone walls. It was a great day! I had wanted to go to The Tower the past two times we came to London but time and weather did not allow. Finally on an overcast day, which only added to the atmosphere, we went and I was not disappointed. Now I am sure it will be no surprise to say that the building is grey… colourless, they usually are these old fortresses. But right now at the Tower are poppies, giant red poppies made out of ceramic, growing up from the moat, in remembrance for those that had fallen during World War I. All the red is beautiful, and haunting. A reminder that 100 years is not that long ago, and that we are not going to forget.

Phantom of the OperaWe ended the evening with a musical production that my sister and I have been wanting to see for years, ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ Seeing the Phantom on stage as he seduced the young Christine with his voice and music. Hearing the hard organ play out the cords every ones knows and watching the chandelier rise up into the ceiling. I would see it again, and never get tired of those songs.

We, also, saw humans become lions during the Lion King, and saw the “real” story of the Witch of the West in Wicked. We walked the streets with green hair punks in Camden Town and ‘stepped’ into the London that Sherlock Holmes knew and lived in. There hung the coat that the Sherlock of today wears..it is a great coat. We saw what the City looks like from up high up on  the London Eye.

London is getting ready for Christmas. The windows are being decorated, and lights are being placed and lit, giant trees and reindeer set as centre pieces, and hot mulled wine is served from carts. People are wearing warm coats and thick scarfs, and it makes me think of my own, tucked away in the winter suitcase, I can’t wait to join them.Dancing Men

We leave for Edinburgh on train, traveling to the city we shall call home for the next 6 months. Leaving London for now. Already my sister and I talk of what we will do the next time we come, and we start to plan. Yes we shall probably go back to some of the places we have gone to before, but we also know there will be so much more- so many, many things yet to see and do.