I have had a Holiday within a Holiday

I have had a Holiday within a Holiday

BeachFor over the past week now we have been in Ibiza, Spain making summer last that much longer. The first day of Autumn came and went a month ago, and my sister and I have not even noticed. If anything we would say Autumn was from July to August and Summer has been September to October. This is how the weather has worked out for us on our European adventure. July and August could not have been colder or wetter; we were constantly reminded of home in the Spring. And we were all too aware that back home,Victoria was having some of the nicest weather on record. It is now though that we are having our come back, first in Italy now in Spain.

A week of spending time on the beach, swimming in the ocean and taking each day with no stress at all. It’s been wonderful. We arrived in Ibiza after most of the tourists have left, the clubs and party houses that Ibiza are known for are closed. You can distinguish the locals by those people who are wearing jeans, since the temperature has gone done from over 30 degrees to 25. The sidewalks are covered with small lizards out to sun themselves, but immediately hide when they hear you approaching.

For several days of our time here we decided to rent a car and drive around the island, stopping here and there to lounge on  different beaches. From secluded to resort type beaches we brought out our towels and tested the water.

Dian and IOn average Ibiza has 310 days a year of sunshine. We were here for one of the 46 days it does not, and it was one of the best. After viewing the Hippy Market where you can buy all your Ibiza souvenirs as well as leather wallets, belts, henna tattoos and art of the island we drove to a beach that was not far from our apartment. The day had become greyer as it progressed. At this beach it was obvious most island folk and travelers had looked out their windows and decided it was not a day to be out. Except for those  few others ,like us,  who decided to brave it. The water was some of the warmest I have swum in; it could be that the sand was colder than the waves but it didn’t matter, once I was out in the water it was hard getting me back on the sand. We stayed while others thought it was getting too cold and headed back homewards, we stayed even when it started to lightly rain on us. Eventually our bodies gave in and started to shiver, and as we rushed to the car the rain beat down harder. On went the heat and we headed for home.

It has been nothing but sun again, and soon we will leave this sunbaked place for Paris. I am going to miss the hot weather and my summer clothes since after this they will be put away for the next several months. But going to Paris next is softening the blow.