London, Again

London, Again

I will be writing about London, again. I know it sounds all repetitive, getting a bit of a pattern going. Go someplace else, come back to London. Go here, go there, go back to London. And I hate to tell you but it will happen again, where I will go back to London. But I don’t find it dull. Not even close. This time we went to the British Library, to an exhibit on Gothic Literature. There was never so much smiling in a room filled with horrors of monsters, decaying castles and death. Does that sound morbid? I can tell you it’s nothing in comparison to what some of these minds wrote as fiction. First additions of books, and hand written manuscripts by the authors. The stories that were written, still so famous today.Terror and Wonder

I saw a letter written by Jack the Ripper, one of the famous ‘Dear Boss’ letters. Written in red ink, (Jack himself makes a joke about the colour) he tells the police he will remove the ear of his next victim, before kindly signing off. In elegant hand, Jack the Ripper.

I went about making a list of all the titles I must read when I get back, the best time to read gothic fiction is when it’s dark by 4 in the afternoon. The mood is perfectly set. Let’s see which one is truly the scariest or most thrilling.

In the afternoon, we were taken to a café by two sisters we met on our second trip to London. It started off, by one of the sisters saying, she was not sure where the café was, but she knew the general direction. I am glad she kept walking until she found it, ‘cause it was one of the coolest cafes I have been to. Down a street with not many people, in a building that is dark with more candle- like lighting, is where it lays. With old World War II scooters in the window, and War helmets, old songs from the 40’s playing in the background and the seating area is old, in some cases broken, furniture. There was a resident cat there, who took its time visiting each table and seeing who would stop their conversation to scratch it between the ears. It must have enjoyed our company, for it took the spare chair and sat with us. Listening to what we were saying before going off and then coming back again.  It was the kind of café, I had wished Victoria would have. It became a place instantly on the ‘Must Go Back List.’ We had a wonderful time with the sisters and look forward to seeing them again soon.

War HorseWe went to the theatre twice, once for Les Miserables, the second time to War Horse, we never get tired of seeing live theatre.  We left the third night open. We filled the time with Christmas Villages- three of them! At one , for supper, we ate hot turkey sandwiches and drank mulled wine. We headed back to Edinburgh in the morning, no more London trips for this year.  I don’t think I could ever grow tired of London, I don’t think you can really. For it is as Johnson said  ‘tire of London, tire of life’.

Four times  in London and each time at my leaving I have been there and each time my last thought is always, I’ll be back.